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Barataria Basin, Delta National Wildlife Refuge: Where the Oil Is and Restoration Projects.

The purple to pink areas are closed to fishing

Plaquemines Parish has a map that charts the areas closed to fishing,  crabbing, and oystering along the Louisiana Coast. The State of Louisiana has a site that lists the oil sightings day by day. These are the places where oil has invaded the marshes.

Crevasse, The Delta National Wildlife Refuge

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service noted on May 29 that booms were protecting the Delta National Wildlife Refuge. Even so the refuge, where anglers come for freshwater fish close in the fresh marshes to the Mississippi and salt water fish in the brackish marshes close to the Gulf of Mexico, was closed to fishing. Where oil has gotten into the Delta refuge and the Pass a Loutre state wildlife management area, it kills the vegetation, the soil erodes, and the refuge turns to open water. This is an area where the refuges have been working to build land by creating crevasses, breaks in the ridges along the bayous that allow Mississippi water to flow through and deposit sediment in open water, building more land.

Fifi Island and Bayou Rigaud between Grand Isle and Fifi Island

On June 17th tar patties were found on Fifi Island, where kids planted vegetation to restore the island in 2006. Fifi has a unique role on the Louisiana coast: it protects Grand Isle from storm surges coming in from Barataria Bay to the north.

L'Eau Noire, Barataria Bay off the Mississippi River, where debris from Katrina still littered the shore line in 2007.

The skeletons of live oak trees line the ridge of Grand Bayou, which may protect the marshes along the Mississippi from the oil invasion.

Lake Hermitage at the end of the road along Bayou Grand Cheniere Ridge

Oil was found on June 24 as far north as Lake Hermitage, where the Louisiana DNR approved a plan to build new marshes in 2007.


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